Country Guide for Cuba

Cuba is a dream holiday for families however there are key factors to keep in mind before visiting the country. If you found this post, you likely need no inspiration and may have already booked your trip. Read on for the most comprehensive guide to understand what to know before you go to Cuba.

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Travel Guide to Cuba - Everything You Need to Know
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Cuba requires that all visitors to the country are in possession of travel insurance which includes medical expenses coverage. Visitors can buy this insurance either from their country of origin or when they arrive in Cuba at the point of entry.

Outpatient treatment at international clinics is reasonably priced however prolonged hospitalization or emergency treatment can be expensive.

Most doctors and hospitals expect cash payments even though you have travel insurance. Make sure you have cash readily available prior to visiting the doctor.

Even though there are special pharmacies for visitors, like all Cuban pharmacies they tend to be short on supplies including pharmaceuticals. Your best bet is to bring along adequate amounts of all the medication you might need, both prescription and over the counter.

Women must bring their own tampons (non-existent in Cuba) or pads.

Travel Insurance…

You’d rather not think about all of the things that might go wrong on your trip, but these things can and do happen and thats why travel insurance is vital. Click here to get a quote.

Tap Water…

Unfortunately tap water in Cuba is not reliably safe to drink. Bottled water rarely costs more that CUC$1 but is sometimes not available in small towns so it is best to stock up while in cities prior to long bus or car journeys.


Comparatively, Cuba is generally safe the most countries with petty theft being the most common crime. Beware of pickpockets and take some preventive measures to discourage them such as wearing your bag in front of you on crowded buses or at busy markets. Remember to take only the money you need when heading out at night.

Begging is common and tourists who hand out money or any other stuff out of kindness tend to suffer more as word spreads and they are targeted. If you want to do something to help, donate at hospitals, pharmacies, libraries, and local churches. Keep an eye out for hustlers as they are a real nuisance.

Most streets can be walked along at night as violent crimes are rare however women tend to get catcalled or whistled at. Ignoring them will only take you so much so its best you learn some Spanish to tell them “not to bother you”.

Legal Matters…

Never leave your hotel without some form of identification. Your passport or driver’s license should suffice.

The police can be found everywhere and are extremely friendly. Expect to be asked out on a date at the end of the conversation if not earlier. Corruption is a serious offense in Cuba and never offer a bribe if you are in hot water.

You may get offered marijuana or cocaine but do not be tempted to buy as drugs are prohibited and come with severe penalties. Even holding or taking drugs is considered a crime.

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  1. I must say that there is some very interesting information in this post! Cuba is constantly changing and so does traveling there. I have a Mexican citizenship and I was wondering if I need the insurance also as well as if I need a visa to visit. As I understand it but it may have changed, Mexicans do not need a visa to enter the island nation but I have no idea of how it is with the insurance. I would really appreciate it if you could provide me this information or indicate where I may find up to date information. Thank you for your time.

    • it is always good to get travel insurance no matter where you go. Unfortunately, World Nomads do not currently offer travel insurance for Cuba however you can check with your local travel agency they should be able to help!


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