Winter Sun Holiday Destination – Maldives

The Maldives, the natural paradise has become a celeb favorite and is a definite retreat for anyone looking for the best winter sun holiday destination to spend a memorable vacation with the entire family.

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World class resorts

The Maldives is home to around 1190 small islands and sandbanks. It can get very confusing to choose the perfect one, but not to worry. I?ve picked 2 of the best islands where you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Trust me, you won?t regret the experience.

The first is Bolifushi Island, which is situated at a 20-minute boat ride distance from Mal?, the capital city of Maldives. This beautiful white sand beached island is home to Jumeirah Vittaveli resort, which consists of 89 individual villas and suites equipped with separate swimming pools and a glorious view of the surrounding white sand beach. Charges for a 2 bedroom villa with a private swimming pool for a family of 4 are US $1975 per night.

Scuba Dive in the Maldives
  • This resort offers all kinds of fun activities for the entire family such as snorkeling and canoeing in addition to wind surfing and diving for the more adventurous guests.
  • After a tiring day its best to relax and indulge in a soothing massage in Talise Spa. There?s also a quiet place to practice some Yoga while glancing at the mesmerizing natural gardens around.
  • Children are welcome to the Kuda Koli Kids club, where they can choose from a variety of fun stuff to do such as take swimming and snorkeling lessons, cooking classes, access to game rooms and a swimming pool.

Another good option is the Per Aquum, situated in Niyama. You?ll need to take a 45-minute seaplane ride to get there. There are two privately owned islands connected via a wooden bridge, surrounded by 134 rooms, with varied options to choose from. Expect a 2 bedroom (includes one extra-large double bed) ocean pool pavilion for US $3,618 for a family of 4.

  • Families can opt-in for beach suites which are equipped with popcorn machines, complimentary ice cream, and beach toys.
  • The Explorer?s Kids club is one of its kind with activities for kids aged 12 months to 12 years, with trained supervisors accompanying them. The club has a large playground, a sunken trampoline, a place for cooking lessons and arts and crafts play rooms.
  • This resort has eating spots (with kids menu available), ice cream kiosks, an underwater restaurant and a tree house.

Moving around

Seaplane flights in the Maldives
  • Public Ferries also are known as Dhoni is the most affordable option available, with charges of US $2 per person for a 5 hour or less journey and the max US $10 for a 15-hour journey across the islands. Ferries do not operate on Fridays.
  • Public or private speedboats are ideal if you want to travel to more remote islands. Publicspeedboats cost anywhere from US $20 to $50, depending on the destination. An airport transfer in a private speedboat is charged US $150 to $1000.
  • If you?ve never ridden a seaplane, a return flight only costs between US $250 to $450.

Good to know

  • Tourists are advised not to spend ample time in the capital as it is overcrowded and at times caught up in political turmoil. But if you intend to shop, set a time when you can explore the local markets and shops for handicrafts, clothing, ornaments, and gifts.
  • Although your selected resort will have a wide choice of Maldivian food you can munch on, especially seafood, don?t forget to try other vegetarian options which are usually prepared with coconut ingredients.

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Winter Holiday Beach Vacation

In a nutshell, Maldives is so much more than a group of islands. Best of luxury, adventures, beaches, soothing experience and family fun. What else can one ask for? Let me know how it went after you?re back!

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7 thoughts on “Winter Sun Holiday Destination – Maldives”

  1. Hi, I’d love to go to the Maldives once. So far I haven’t had the chance.

    The beach looks fabulous, so white and clean. I saw your offer for the 4 people family in the Niyama. The price is quite high, is it for a week?

    How is it for adventure travelers, is there an inexpensive way to learn about the country and its people? I’d also love trying the local cuisine in private homes, is this an option there?

  2. Can wait to get there! Thank you for this great post about the Maldives. They are indeed a perfect winter holiday destination. All the best

  3. Hi Tarun,

    This looks like an amazing place to visit. I will definitely be putting the Maldives on my list but I like being at home in the Winter because I like the snow, however, I will definitely go in the rainy months! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to travel more 🙂

  4. Hi Tarun,

    Seems like the place I need to go to. I was wondering, can you actually imagine the life there? Like I am not talking very expensive holiday but live there for longer period of time. I mean for me it seems like a dream to get there. Which leads me to a question how expensive it would actually be to live there in a house like rental house rather than holiday house/hotel.

    Just curious about your opinion.



    • Hi Eugen,

      My cousin has lives there (he works for 1 of the resorts) and he says waking up every day to such a view makes him realise how blessed he is. However he said on his off days there is much to do and with Male being the main island there is many options to go do something non-beach/water related.

      regarding the cost of living there and renting a house, I’m sorry I would know that.


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